Apple is known for their distinguished products with minimalistic styling and intuitive functionality. The market segments that are covered by their broad portfolio are all marked by their progressive developments. Examples like the Macintosh personal computer, iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet, and iPod media player all illustrate this notion. As a supplement to the product portfolio of Apple a pair of headphones is designed aligning with their brand identity.

This project was initiated as part of my under graduate education Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. The assignment was to define a topic and learning objectives for an individual project and to achieve this by own initiative.

The design embodies a symplistic styling and adopts the geometric characteristics of contemporary Apple products. The ear caps have a slightly curved surface, which transfers to streight sides with rounded corners. The headband is connected to the ear caps by hinges to support a comfortable head mount. These connections are sinked in to the ear caps to support a visual integration of the product parts. Moreover, the headband is bent on both sides just above the ear caps to visually improve the product's connection to the head and reflect a sense of comfort.

Like most contemporary Apple products, these headphones are made of aluminium and marked by black details. Various other appearances have been explored. The glossy white relating to the earlier Apple products and the coloured ear caps to appeal to a sense of individualism, like also addressed by the colour variance of the iPod.