Sustainable packaging


Royal Ahold, a large international retailer in fast moving consumer goods, has recognised this relevance wishes to incorporate a responsible business approach to realise sustainable development. Ahold has applied its vision in strategic management and has succeeded to manage its business successfully in this direction. However, the company are still inexperienced with the implementation of durability to their product design. This project aims to contribute to Ahold’s ambition by developing a sustainable packaging solution for Albert Heijn’s fresh herbs.

Modular design to support a product family of 11 different herbs.

The package serves to preserve and protect the product in order to support its quality and life time. The sachet protects against dehydration, micro-organisms, and oxidation; vulnerabilities that apply to every type of herb. The protective insert can be added to the sachet for those herbs that are vulnerable to mechanical impact. The modular structure ensures to only apply material where needed, while maintaining an efficient production line.

The product remains fresh for more than 6 days longer during the use phase.

This solution is focused on reducing the impact of the product-package combination by supporting the preservation of the product during the use phase. Apart from the possibility to reclose the package, it provides and stimulates the option to add water to the package. This supplies the product with a source of nutrition, which has proven to preserve the product for over six days longer during the use phase.

Developed with regard for the interacting product-packaging life cycle.

In order to properly consider the sustainability of a product, its entire lifecycle needs to be regarded. In the specific case of a packaging, this regard should be twofold; both the package and the product are two separate and interrelated matters. Because of their interrelation, indicated by the concurrency between their lifecycles, the product and the package should not be regarded as separate entities.

A renewed label design to support the purpose of the packaging.

The labeling is designed to express craftsmanship, which relates to an honest and quality product. This aligns with the values of sustainable development and a biological and natural product. The grey appearance of fully recycled carton is a deliberate feature of the design.

Distinquish between product variants by the characteristic outline of each herb.
Visualise the best preservation conditions of the product during the use phase.
Advice about preperation and preservation to stimulate proper use of the product.
Visual disposal guide to promote the required dismissal behaviour for recycling.

A feasible and innovative design viable for implementation.